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Our Process


Equus is focused on one thing: the Colorado municipal bond market. Having a singular focus allows us to allocate significant time and resources to in-depth analysis of Colorado municipal bond credits. We actively follow hundreds of credits with personal visits to facilities and meetings with management of significant projects in our state. Seeing developments with our own eyes provides added conviction in our investment decisions.


Our trading expertise is supported by multiple electronic platforms and personal relationships with brokers, traders and underwriters to help source the best opportunities for our clients. Maintaining independence and objectivity when purchasing bonds and diligently tracking trading volumes in the state ensures our clients receive the best price at a fair value.


Due to our limited client base we are better able to develop strategies that meet our clients’ risk objectives and financial goals. We enjoying spending time with our clients to gain a better understanding of their larger investment objectives while sharing our research experiences on investments we have made on their behalf. Knowing our clients well is as important as knowing our investments.