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Colorado Charters Punch Above Their Weight on 2021 SATs

For the first time since the pandemic began, Colorado has standardized testing data to see how students are faring over the past 18 months. And when you look at the top performing schools, charter schools are punching above their weight. Last week, the Colorado Department of Education released Spring 2021 SAT results showing the statewide score of 1011 being little changed from 2019’s 1001. The SAT was not administered in 2020 due to COVID. What impressed our team at Equus was the predominance of charter schools in the upper echelon of statewide scores. Of the Top 10 performing schools, 60% were charters. When you look at the Top 25, over 30% are charters. It’s important to note enrollment at charter schools in Colorado accounts for only 15% of the total PK-12 population. The top performing school in Colorado was Liberty Common Charter with an average score of 1301 – nearly 30% above the state average. Liberty Common is one of the oldest charter schools in the state and continually ranks in the top tier. Nearly all of these top performing charter schools have municipal debt outstanding that Equus tracks closely. The debt is revenue-backed and supported by state funding on a per pupil basis. With strong academic performance, the demand to attend these schools – as measured by historical enrollment and lengthy waitlists – is robust. A list of the charter schools in the top 25 is included below:

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