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Equus Adds New Member to Team

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

In 2017 Equus invested in a DJI Mavik Pro aerial drone to further aid our research efforts with respect to the metropolitan district sector of the municipal market. Anyone living on the front range in Colorado knows that newly formed housing districts are being developed rapidly. These developments bring new opportunities for municipal investors.

Two of the key factors we analyze before making an investment are the build-out timeline of a project and how the development is situated in regards to the surrounding area. Monitoring updates of these investments is a critical step in the investment process and gaining information about the development of districts can be difficult and tedious. Surveying the surrounding area of a metro district is helpful in understanding the demand for homes within a district. Housing districts in close proximity of sprawling meadows, a recreation center, and sports facilities are viewed in a more positive light than homes situated near a waste facility plant.

Since the summer of 2017 we have captured images from the developments of Lamberston Farms, Harmony Tech, Green Gables, Wild Plum, and Clear Creek Metro Districts. Each housing district is under a different stage of construction and our 2018 trips will reveal which housing districts are ahead of or behind schedule. To Equus’ knowledge, there are not any other municipal investors who have utilized this technology to monitor investments and we will continue to incorporate the latest technology to best serve our clients. These images and videos will be updated periodically on our website.

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