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Southern California Research Trip

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

A core value at Equus is our comprehensive research process with an emphasis on personal site visits and meetings with management. The Equus team recently spent 4 days in Southern California to visit a variety of municipal project sites. Our trip focused on the healthcare, charter schools, housing and higher-ed sectors in order to help shape our views on existing and future investments in the golden state.


California’s healthcare system plays an important role in the state’s economy and citizens everyday lives. Equus visited Children’s Hospital LA and the Loma Linda Medical Center to contrast LA and the inland empire healthcare offerings. The healthcare space is very competitive and each project has unique characteristics.

Charter schools

Charter schools play a growing role in the K-12 education system with approximately 10% of California students enrolled. We visited with management from KIPP LA schools, which serves the needs of the lower income part of the LA school population. The KIPP LA school system has grown to over 15 schools.

Higher Education

California Universities and Colleges are in high demand for in-state and out-of-state students. We visited the campuses of UC Irvine, UCLA, Chapman, and Loma Linda, and we met with management from Cal Baptist University. Private Universities, such as Cal Baptist, are seeing strong enrollment growth due to the crowding out of the public state school system.


In an effort to help with the ongoing housing crisis in California, Equus has participated in the unique Community Facilities District (CFD) form of financing. We visited the sites of several of our investments to assess their completion status and observed several others currently in the build out phases. We were specifically impressed with the Mission Viejo projects.

Top Left: Ron and the CFO of Kipps LA Top Right: Children's Hospital LA

Bottom Left: Lake Elsinore Bottom Right: Mission Viejo

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