Our Story

Thank you for taking the time to consider Equus for your municipal bond investments. We are grateful to have served the needs of our clients for more than 13 years, and we understand that our business would not exist without the trust of our clients.

Equus was founded on the belief that the under-researched municipal bond market provides great investment opportunities. Through our in-depth research process, we are able to uncover opportunities that large national firms may not consider. 

With $190 million in assets under management and growing, we have been able to steadily increase resources to aid our research efforts. Local knowledge takes effort to acquire, so we have traveled extensively in California and Colorado to see our investments with our own eyes. 

In addition to uncovering opportunities, our travels have shown us the powerful impact that our clients' investments have in the community. We have seen the positive impact of projects ranging from new transportation corridors to charter schools in local towns and cities. 

Please inquire to learn more. We are always happy to educate prospective clients or individuals interested in learning more about the Colorado and California municipal bond markets. 


Why Equus

Specialists in Colorado and California

We have a defined focus on two states which allows us to dive deep into local economic trends, state specific regulatory issues, and new issuers.

Boutique Level Service

As a boutique bond manager, we take the time to get to know our clients and offer direct access to the investment team. We're always happy to discuss our investment thesis with you.

In-Depth Credit Research

We contact management teams, visit project sites, and build comprehensive financial models for issuers within each market. Our research goes far beyond reading a simple ratings report. 

Community Impact

The municipal market provides capital for vital community projects. Investment in these bonds helps improve access to healthcare, education, energy, clean water, broadband, affordable housing and more. 

Access to New Issues

Our decade of experience in the municipal market has allowed us to cultivate a network of brokerage relationships giving us broad access to the new issue and secondary markets.

Customized Portfolios

Your portfolio should have appropriate duration and credit exposure to take advantage of total return opportunities while also balancing your overall risk tolerance.



We offer separately managed accounts with a total return focus. We offer our strategies in both the California and Colorado markets. 

Total Return Strategy - $5mm account minimum: 0.50% management fee